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The Ultimate Toronto Wedding Planning Checklist: Your Toronto Love Story Starts Here

Oh, Toronto! A city where every season brings its own magic, and every corner promises a new adventure. Welcome, lovebirds, to your ultimate wedding planning journey with Nordello, your narrators and capturers of love, your Toronto wedding photographer turned guide. Are you ready to waltz through your to-dos with the grace of a swan on Ontario Lake? Let’s unfold the ultimate wedding planning checklist, shall we?

Once Upon an Engagement: 12+ Months Out

Dream Big, Plan Bigger Let your imagination roam through the streets of Toronto – from the Distillery District to the secret gardens of Casa Loma. Dream up your perfect day, and let’s start making it a reality!

Budget: Your Love Story's Producer Decide on your numbers like a Toronto wedding planner would – with precision and thought for the future. Consider every aspect, from the clink of glasses to the last dance.

Guest List: Your Personal Festival Lineup Begin drafting your guest list. Whether it’s an intimate indie film cast or a blockbuster premiere crowd, your guests are the stars of your day.

Venue Scouting: The Stage for Your Love Tale In a city that’s a mosaic of cultures and landscapes, find a venue that sings the song of your hearts. Remember, every venue has its own light, its own story – as your Toronto wedding photographer, we’ll ensure it complements your narrative beautifully.

Love Blooms: 9-11 Months to Go

Catering to Your Tastes Toronto’s culinary scene is a banquet of choices. Choose a caterer that understands your palate and the palette of the city.

Wedding Wardrobe: Dressing the Part Dive into the bridal boutiques of Queen West or the tailors of Yorkville. Your attire isn’t just fabric; it’s the banner of your love.

Wedding Planners Toronto: Your Fairy Godparents If you wish for a guiding star, now is the time to consider partnering with a wedding planner in Toronto. They're the Gandalf to your Frodo in the epic journey of wedding planning.

The Plot Thickens: 6-8 Months Out

Photography & Videography: Your Storytellers At Nordello, we’re more than just photographers; we’re the keepers of moments. Let’s talk about how we’ll capture your day, in the way only Toronto can showcase.

Entertainment: Composing Your Love Symphony Be it a jazz band from The Rex or a DJ with beats as diverse as Kensington Market, book your maestros early.

Invitations: Your Opening Scene Craft invitations that give a sneak peek of your wedding's theme – use the skyline, the maple leaves, or the street art as your muse.

The Final Acts: 3-5 Months Before

Tastings and Trials From cake tastings that dance on your tongue to hair and makeup trials that capture the essence of Toronto chic, indulge in the previews of your big day.

Rings: The Symbol of Your Eternal Circle Stroll through the Diamond District and find rings that resonate with the city’s sparkle.

Transportation: Your Chariot Awaits Whether you opt for a classic streetcar or a sleek limousine, plan how you’ll traverse the city on your big day.

The Crescendo: 1-2 Months to Go

RSVPs: Your Audience Confirms As the confirmations flutter in like leaves in High Park, get a final headcount for your Toronto wedding planner.

Seating Chart: The Orchestra of Guests Arrange your seating like the TTC map – with care, clarity, and a path for everyone.

Final Fittings and Meetings Meet with your Toronto wedding photographer (hello, us!), caterer, and band one last time to fine-tune the details.

The Grand Finale: The Week Of

Beauty and Grooming: The Polishing Touches Pamper yourself with Toronto’s finest, because you deserve to glow like the CN Tower at night.

Rehearsal: Choreographing the Dance Gather your cast for a rehearsal, ensuring everyone knows their part in your love story.

The Day Before: Breathe and Be Present Stroll through the serene Toronto Music Garden, breathe, and remember – this is just the beginning.

Curtain Call: Your Wedding Day

Relax, It’s Showtime! Trust in your Toronto wedding planner, your bridal party, and your vendors. Today, your only task is to live fully in every second.

And as for the photography & videography memories? Leave them to us, Nordello, your narrators in light and shadow. We’ll capture the whispers, the laughter, the silent tears of joy – every detail penned in the ink of our lenses. With us, and with the city, your love story will be immortalized.

So, here’s to you, the dreamers, the planners, the lovers. Your Toronto wedding awaits, and we can’t wait to tell the tale.

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