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If you are a new business owner that's just getting started in their entrepreneurial career, hiring a web designer in Toronto is probably one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. Your website is going to be one of the most important digital assets you invest in because the whole purpose of your website is to generate new customers for your business.


Not all web designers are created equal and it's important for you to hire the right website designer in Toronto that's going to position you correctly to succeed in your new business.


In this blog post, we are going to talk about all the things you should know before you hire a web designer in Toronto, so let's get started!


What Pages Should You Have On Your Website


Before you start working on your website, take some time to go over your top 10 competitors websites and to study and see what kind of pages they have on their website. This will give you an idea as to what your top competitors are doing on their website and can give you a good starting point as to what type of content you should add on your website. The goal of your website is to give as much quality information as possible to your customers so they are more inclined to contact you or buy from you, rather than a competing website. As a trusted web design company in Toronto, we always do market research and study your competition to figure out what types of pages we should include/add on your website, as a client, you really don't have to worry about this, we handle it for you. However we are always open to feedback and suggestions, if you would like to have additional pages that's always an option.


Should You Go For Cloud Based Web Design Or Completely Custom Coded


For most small businesses that are just getting started and have less money to splurge on website designer in Toronto, we always recommend cloud based web design platforms. After we study your industry more in depth, we can suggest which platforms are going to be the best fit for your business.


Most cloud based web design platforms have pretty much everything you need to be successful as a business owner. Even advanced SEO and custom app integrations are totally possible with cloud based web design platforms, some of our clients have made millions in revenue from their cloud based websites. This also gives us the advantage of training your in-house staff on how to easily edit your website, should you decide to do this later on in your business. For enterprise level businesses that want really unique features and capabilities that are not possible in cloud based web design platforms, we can build custom wordpress websites for your business. WordPress allows us to keep the door open for endless possibilities in terms of features for your website. Get in touch with our web designers in Toronto and we can give you an idea as to which platform is going to be the best fit for your new business.


Do You Need Content Development


The short answer is yes, you will most likely need content development, having fresh new content is important for you to rank on the first page of Google. To get your website started, you will need some basic content on your website before the official launch date. For example, your about us page, faq page, and a description of your products and services, that's pretty much it. If you decide that you want to purse SEO with our web designers in Toronto, than we can look into developing custom content for your business that's specifically targeted to help you rank at the top of Google search.


Do You Need Professional Photography For Your Business


Photography is essential in any brand new website, have you ever seen a website with no images? pretty much every website has amazing images that keep you interested and keeps you interested in learning more. Taking pictures with your iPhone might actually not be enough, especially for your website. It's certainly better than nothing but you need professional images that are properly staged and help give your website that professional look and feel. The good news is that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get professional photos for your business, nor do you need to spend countless hours taking pictures for your website, you can basically buy all the images that you need for your website by using stock photography. Stock photography is incredibly affordable and makes your website look a thousand times better than if you were to use smartphone images. Prices can range from a few bucks per image or you can buy a package that lowers your cost per image down to $0.50 cents (cad). As we build your website, it's part of our role to select the best photography for your website, we usually use free stock photos for your website and for most clients, that's enough. However if we have a hard time finding free images that match your criteria, then we will fall back on paid stock photography websites for premium, royalty free images. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see our list of Free stock photography websites.



If you have custom products and you are an ecommerce website, you will most likely find it hard to purchase or find stock photography images and you will most likely have to hire a photographer to come in and take photos of your products. At our web design agency in Toronto, we have our own in-house photography team that can come into your office and take professional pictures of your products and properly edit them for your website. Fill out one of our contact forms to get a custom quote.


Do You Need Monthly Maintenance On Your Website


This is a common question we get asked from our brand new web design clients, the short answer is no. You won't necessarily need maintenance because there really is nothing to maintain once the website is done. There are however a few scenarios where you might need monthly maintenance. For example, if you sell ecommerce products you may need to have someone login and add or remove certain products from your website to keep your site up to date. If you provide services, you may want us to login once in awhile and to add new images to your website. The only time where you will need monthly maintenance on your website is if you are hiring our web designers in Toronto to work on your SEO. In that case we will need to login regularly and make manual changes and updates to help improve the rankings of your website.


Do You Need Custom Graphic Design


At minimum your business will need a professionally design logo for your brand new business. We have found by comparing old versions of client websites with new versions where we had a brand new logo, the overall conversion rate had a slight increase when we added a premium looking logo. Regardless if it's designed by our web designers in Toronto or you hire an outside graphic designer, it's completely up to you. We always suggest all of our new web design clients to have a good looking logo. This helps your brand look more legit and makes your customers feel that you are a legit business to be taken seriously.


Do You Need Additional Market Support For Your Website


Websites on their own are unfortunately useless unless you setup a system that can generate steady traffic to your business. You need a consistent way of funneling new customers to your website so that you can turn website visitors into paying customers. When we launch your website, chances are you are going to get zero visitors and you will not show up on the first page of Google. The reason for this is because there are already tons of websites that are already showing up on the first page of Google and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that they have some kind of presence on the first page of Google. By working with our website designers in Toronto, we can help your website get more visibility with our professional online marketing services. We can help your website show up on the first page of Google by creating custom Google Ad campaigns, work on your SEO or build custom social media ad campaigns that are designed to get you more visitors/clients for your business.


Google Advertising: This is by far one of the most effective ways of bringing qualified traffic to your business, we do market research and figure out what keywords your future customers will type into Google to find your products and services online. We then build a Google ad campaign and within a few days, your website will be on the first page of Google. Some of our clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Google ads and have generated millions in revenue, some of our clients have been doing Google ads for the past 7 years and this one strategy alone is responsible for 50% of their inbound sales/clients, so we know this works really well for our clients. Our website designers in Toronto are highly trained to build best in-class Google ad campaigns that are designed to bring more customers into your business.


Social Media Advertising: Do you use Facebook, Instagram or event Pinterest? guess what so do your customers. With social media ads, you can target your future customers based on their gender, age group, location, interest, demographics, relationship status and many other targeting features. Get in touch with our website designers in Toronto to see which advertising platform is the best fit for your new business.


Video Content On Your Website


One of the best ways to help your website stand out from your competition and help you build more trust with your website visitors is to have a custom video on your website or homepage/landing page. Video helps to put a face to the brand and give customers a preview of what your brand has to offer. When your customers compare your website to your competitors website, you want yours to stand out and speak to them. Apart from good web design, informative content, having a custom video is another great way to stand apart from your competition. Reach out to our website designers in Toronto to learn what type of video is best for your business.

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