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When it comes to hiring a web development company in Toronto you want to make sure you follow a strategic hiring process like you would for any other position, but here’s the tricky part, you don’t know anything about web development, so how do you hire when you don’t fully understand the hiring criteria, so in this post, we are going to give you our honest unbiased perspective on how to hire, so that you find the best person for your project, whether its in Toronto or anywhere else around the world.


Top 11 things to keep in mind when hiring a web development company in Toronto


1) What kind of website are you looking to have developed for your business?


2) What are the realistic costs of developing this kind of website?


3) Are you going to need marketing and advertising support once the website is launched? 


4) Do you need high end custom developed integrations or just standard stuff?


5) Are they good people? Easy to get along with?


6) How long will it take to build the website, do you have a launch day?


7) Do you need graphic design?


8) Do you have design ideas that you like already?


9) Custom photography vs stock images?


10) Video production?


11) Do you need ongoing management & support?



1) What kind of website are you looking to have developed for your business?


Before you go and start looking for a web development company in toronto, you need to take 5 minutes and write down everything you need to have for your website, so that when you meet with a web designer they can immediately start going over and giving you real feedback as to what you’ll need for your final outcome and where you may have missed out on. They will also be able to quote you faster and give you some expectations as to what the project will cost and you can decide if you’d like to keep the deliverables the same or to drop some of your deliverables. 


What are the realistic costs of developing this kind of website?


Your website is going to be a major asset to your business, it is the first thing your future customers will see before doing business with you so it’s important to set realistic expectations as to what you can afford, if you are looking to stand out from all your competitors and to seriously wow your future customers, consider making a bigger investment in your website so that you can expect to make greater returns on your initial investment. If you are a new business owner and are looking to compete with well established competitors, it's going to be difficult for you to compete when you roll up to the scene with a $500 website when premium websites start at $2500. Talk to our web development company in Toronto an see what options suit your business best, if you need custom development for an e-commerce website, know that it takes more time and labour to create and design that vs your standard portfolio website.



Are you going to need marketing and advertising support once the website is launched? 


do you need your toronto web development company to design and manage marketing campaigns to help you generate consistent sales/leads for your new business? This is another important thing to consider as marketingservices are not part of web development packages and are a separate project altogether, majority of the time regardless of what business you are in, your life will be much easier if you opt-in and have your web development company create and manage Google marketing or social media marketing campaigns to help you generate sales from your website, unless you have a specialist internally inside your organization, then its always better to higher an agency, since you save on payroll and can claim this as a business expense B2B rather than company and employee relationship. 


Do you need high end custom developed integrations or just standard stuff?


Does your business require advanced web development to create specific features that are more customized to your business? For example do you need databases setup or do you need “members area” pages etc. the list goes on. Anything that needs to be custom created will typically cost additional, but you save money moving forward as it provides your business with more operational efficiencies and minimizes your staff labour. As your web development Toronto agency, we will make an effort to find 3rd party apps that can be integrated to your website that can help save you the trouble or having to custom develop a solution from scratch. However, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for before we make a suggestion as to whether its best to custom develop or license pre-existing apps & integrations. 


Are they good people? Easy to get along with?


When it comes time to hiring a web development toronto agency, you need to understand the fact that you are going to have an ongoing relationship with them for many years to come, you wanna make sure that they are actually good people and easy to get along with since this will be a long term relationship that could last for many years to come. During the first few meetings, if you feel like you two have good rapport, consider working with them, however if you have a feeling that they are not the right fit for you, be honest about it and walk away. 


How long will it take to build the website, do you have a launch day?


The next thing to consider is how long will it take to build the website. As you go about your business during the start-up phase, you wanna give your web development company in Toronto, plenty of time to build your website. Depending on the level of complexity, your website could take anywhere between 30-60 days to complete and launch, you wanna make sure that you are efficient during your startup phase and approach a Toronto web development company early on, so that once you finalize your requirements, they can start working on your website and have it ready for your company launch date. You don’t want to be the business owner that puts off, finding a web developer last minute just days away from your company launch date. Give them proper amount of time to complete your project and make it flawless before launching. 


Do you need graphic design?


The next thing you need to consider is do you need custom graphic design to go with your new website. Having a graphic designer work on your custom developed website can make it more visually appealing, this makes your website come to life and add an enjoyable experience for your new website visitors that are comparing your site to your competitors. Some industries are not as exciting so the requirement for custom graphic design is very minimal, but if you are a higher end business that targets affluent customers, consider asking our web development company in Toronto to help you with graphic design services to enhance the look and feel of your website, having great logos, imagery and overall graphics really does make a website go from good to amazing!


Do you have design ideas that you like already?


Up next is when you go about hiring a web development Toronto agency, you probably have some ideas as to what you want your website will look like, be sure to provide your web developer with some link of websites that you admire, consider looking at some of your competitor websites for ideas and inspirations. Have 5-10 links and see which ones you like best, your web developer could combine and use some of the designs as inspirations and improve on some of those ideas to make your website a masterpiece.


Custom photography vs stock images?


When it comes to photography, the old saying goes true, a picture is worth a thousand words. You have the option of hiring a photographer (which we can recommend). They will essentially come in to your store or office and take pictures of your products for you and your web developer can use it on your website. Now option 2 is your web developer could potentially source high quality royalty free stock images from lots of websites. As your web developer, we will do our best to find you some good photos for your website, however in the rare scenario that no images can be found, you’ll need to hire a professional photographer and get some shots done. From our experience, we’ve always been able to find great photos from stock photography websites, its 2018 so there are literally all kinds of photos available for us to purchase for as little as $5-$10 each or less, depending on the package.


Video production?


Hiring a good web development Toronto company is a great first step towards getting your website launched and ready, however you do want to have a website that stands out from your competitors and helps your on-site conversion rates soar through the roof, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to have great videos on your website. Statistically speaking websites with video content convert upto 40% higher than websites that don’t have video content. 


Do you need ongoing management & support?


Next thing to consider is do you need ongoing support and management for your website, for example, do you need constant content creation on your site for upcoming blog posts or even content creation to help with your SEO initiatives. 


The benefits of having your web development agency handle your SEO is that we already have experience getting results for clients, on the plus side, it would cost you less and get you more results to hire a web development company in Toronto to handle this for you rather than hiring internally and having to be liable for giving an employee full time work and have to train them on the right strategies and actions to take in order to help increase your rankings on Google.

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