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Before you go about hiring your first website design company in Toronto, it is important to have a hiring criteria of what you are looking for before you hire an agency, remember not all agencies are created equal and just because they offer the service you are looking for, does not mean that they necessarily do a good job at delivering the results that you need.


Here are some important things you should look for when deciding to hire a web design company in Toronto


1. Do they design great looking websites?

2. Do they know how to get customers to your website and actually convert into leads and sales?

3. Are they aware of Google’s best practices when optimizing your website for rankings?

4. Do they take the time to understand your business or are they just trying to hard sell?

5. Do they share industry insider tips and knowledge with you or do they keep it all to themselves?

6. Do they have proof of recent client success stories?

7. Are they cheap or expensive? Does the price justify the value?

8. Have signed contracts.




When you hire a local web design company in Toronto, it’s important to see if they actually have good design sense when it comes to designing websites, because remember your customers will get their first impression of your brand based on how they feel about your website, you want to make sure it looks visually stunning and has all the right elements that would convert those clicks into customers. You want to ask them to see some of their recent websites that they have designed, for other Toronto clients in the area, just so that you can get an idea of the level of work they can do for a business like yours. 


When it comes to great design, remember that it takes a decent amount of time investment for a pro web designer to sit down and craft a unique looking website that looks amazing for your brand and helps you create that amazing first impression on your future clients, so based on the amount you spend will dictate the amount of time your web design company can realistically put into your project, to create a successful outcome. Generally, most Toronto websites for start-up businesses will range from $2500 and up for a standard 5 page website but if you decide that you wanted something for $500 or less, then keep in mind that this will limit the amount of time your web designer will realistically put into your project, if it gets accepted. So choose carefully and be clear on what your goals are for your business, are you looking to build a business that is in the best position to grow and prosper or are you looking to hire the cheapest contractor and sacrifice the outcome of your project.




Building a great looking website is not enough, most businesses think that if you build it, they will come. They don’t realize that most great websites also have great marketing that helps the website get found by the “right” type of customer who is actively searching for the specific product or service that the website is offering to sell, and you or your chosen web design company, needs to create the right strategy to funnel all these qualified people into your website.


It’s important for your chosen web design company in Toronto to know and understand the art of online marketing. More specifically Google and Facebook advertising. As you know by now that you can Google any product or service on Google and you will find tons of websites that have exactly what you are looking for. But did you know that customers everyday are going on Google and searching to find products and services from local businesses in their own city? You can literally have your websitestrategically placed so that anyone that searches the terms “your product/service name + your city name” you now have the potential to show up for these terms and get these qualified customers onto your website. 


Now getting them to your website is easy, converting them into a customer is another level of resistance that you will need to overcome, that’s why it's important for you to have a great looking website, great copywriting, great product photography and even great videos so that when you do spend money to bring people to your website, they are excited and highly motivated to want to do business with you vs your other local competitors. 




If you decide to hire any great web design company in Toronto that is located close to your city, at some point during the discussion of your website, they should bring up the importance of SEO and how that affects your website. SEO is short for search engine optimization, it is the process of optimizing your website in an effort to increase its ranking on the Google search results page for your desired keywords or phrases that relate to your products or services. In other words if you sell catering, and you type in the keyword “catering companies toronto” and your website shows up first, guess what you are going to get thousands of customers to your website and be in a position to make a lot of revenue. 



WEBSITE LOAD SPEED: Don’t you just hate when you click on a website link and it takes literally forever for the website to lead, well guess what Google hates this too and they have taken action and made this a ranking factor when it comes to deciding which websites to rank on the top of Google. So if your web design company creates a great looking website, but it has slow load speed then it’s not going to rank well on Google and it’s definitely not going to help you get customers because your site will never even be seen.


Talk to your web designer and ask them what steps are they going to take when it comes to optimizing website load speed, some of the things include, compressing images before uploading them onto your website, others could include uploading all your videos to YouTube instead of your website because YouTube has the best servers in the world and are top notch when it comes to speed and reliability.


MOBILE OPTIMIZATION: When you meet with a web design company Toronto, are they only talking about your desktop website during the presentation or are they making an effort to mention that they will be including and working on a mobile version of your website as well, because this is a must have if you want to have any chance of having your site rank on Google. Over 60% of online visitors now use a mobile device which means if you don’t have a mobile website, then you are missing out. Be sure that you have a mobile website in the works.


CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: This refers to the actual writing and paragraphs that are going to be on your website, you need to decide if you are going to handle this on your own or is your web design company going to create the content for you. Content is important because it gives Google an idea of what your website is about, having a strategy of creating consistent and relevant content for your business is an ongoing investment that is going to help your website rank higher in the search results page and will help you generate more leads and sales on your website.




As a new business owner when you decide to interview potential web design companies in Torontoyou should look for agency owners or consultants that genuinely take the time to learn about your business in great depth before they “prescribe” the right solution for your business. Look for people that spend more time asking questions rather then trying to sell themselves on what they can do, they should be asking high level questions to get a better understanding about your business, how you are different, what is the overall tone of your brand, who is the ideal customer for your business, trust me when you meet with the right agency, you will be able to tell the good ones from the bad ones based on the vibe you get from the initial meeting. 




As a web design company in Toronto we are business owners just like you. On a daily basis we are learning more knowledge, data and wisdom that helps us improve our business, our clients business and our operational efficiencies, which is why we keep an active blog and share our knowledge with our future customers for free. We believe in the win-win mindset and we always want to be in a position where we are always offering tangible value to our followers, if you are on the lookout for a good web design company, check out their blog and see if they have good quality content, this will signal to you as to how committed they are to their brand and their loyal customers.




When you begin to interview potential web design companies in Toronto, make sure that you see a few case studies of previous clients that they work with in your area, or a previous client in a similar industry to yours. Seeing real case studies of real businesses will give you a better understanding as to how good the agency is at delivering results to you as a new business owner, you wanna make sure that you can see at least a few good case studies before you part ways with your cash. To take this a step further, you should try and Google their business name and see if they have legitimate bad reviews. Keep in mind that bad reviews are common in every business due to spammers, former employees, or bad clients, but make sure the bad reviews are very minimal to non-existent, ask them about the reviews and hear the agencies side of it because remember there is 2 sides to every story. 




This is a lot tougher to answer as it really depends on what it is you are looking for, keep in mind that running a world class web design company requires quality talent, lots of overhead and lots of expenses to keep the lights on, as a result the agency has to charge premium rates to be profitable and to keep their staff employed. That being said, if you are paying a premium, you can expect premium level results from the web design company in Toronto, that you are considering to hire. If you decide to hire a cheaper competitor, you should do your due diligence and see if the agency is able to deliver quality work to your business.


Also keep in mind the risks of hiring cheaper web design companies, as this can be a risk itself, if an average premium website costs $2500 and a cheaper competitor is charging just $500 for it, although you may or may not win in the short term, but keep in mind that businesses that undercharge run the risk of going out of business because let’s face it, every business has expenses, and if they lose money on every project they take on, at some point they will reach a breaking point where their business goes under and you as a client could be stuck chasing after an agency owner that has suddenly dropped off the face of the earth with your $500 dollars and unfinished website, now you have to start all over again going through the same process and now it’s cost you more money to complete a project that could have otherwise taken 1 time to complete. 


Now it’s also possible that you could pay a premium for your site and have terrible quality work, we have worked with clients that have been burned by their previous web design company so it's important that you follow our above mentioned tips and strategies to make sure this never happens to you and that you hire the best possible web design company in Toronto for your next project.





A contract is a simple agreement that states exactly what you are paying for and exactly what you are getting and what the expectations are, the web design company in Toronto you hire should provide you with a contract and you should have the opportunity to go over the terms with them and fully understand the terms before you sign. Remember the contract is there to protect them and you to make sure both parties get exactly what was agreed upon. So don’t hire any web design companies without a contract, unless they are friends and family members who you trust.


We hope some of these ideas gave you a better understanding of the ins and outs of hiring web design companies so that you end up working with the best one for your new business. If you have any questions about web design or would like to speak to our web design team, be sure to fill out our forms an we will get you an appointment with one of our web designers. Thank you for visiting our site!

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