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The Purpose of A Website


This day and age, businesses need good looking, reliable websites in order to get found by potential customers both locally and globally. Your website is the core of your online marketing presence. Gone are the days of having a retail store and people wait in lines to visit your business. Nowadays, people are very busy and they don’t have the time to visit businesses and spend hours deciding on what to buy. Customers will come across your website, study your content, prices and services. 


Maybe even call you to learn more about what you do, then afterwards they will make the trip to visit your business in person. Basically, your website is now a full time 24/7 sales machine. We live in a 24/7-hour economy, just because your store is closed, it does not mean your online presence is closed. This is why it’s important to invest the appropriate amount of time to make sure your website is in tip-top condition so that when your future customers visit your website, you have the highest possible chance of turning those visitors into customers.


Types of Websites


Depending on the type of business you have, it will dictate the type of website you need for your business. There are a lot of options and platforms to choose from, as a new business owner you don’t really have the time to figure out which platform is going to be the best long-term fit for your business, that’s why it’s important to leverage the knowledge of an experienced web design agency in Toronto so that you make the best decision possible. 


E-Commerce Website Design


For example, if you sell physical products online we may build you a website on Shopify, which happens to be one of the largest and most popular platforms for e-commerce websites, if you have a service-based business and you only deal with clients in the local market, we would then suggest using a cloud-based web design platform that will allow you to have a website up and running much faster than traditional “custom coded” websites. 


In our web design agency in Toronto, we have our own cloud-based web design platform that we have been using for many years, not only is it SEO friendly but also once it’s set up, can be fully customizable by your own staff members. Our web design platform also allows you to access the backend code so that if you decide you want to develop advanced features later on, you can have a web developer custom code everything for you. 


In our web design agency in Toronto, we have a lot of experience with helping eCommerce websites generate online sales, we run our own branded e-commerce stores and implement all of our business knowledge on our own businesses before we use them on our client’s businesses, we practise what we preach.



Cloud-Based Website Design


Cloud-based web design platforms are especially helpful when you as a business owner want to edit and grow the website yourself after it's completed. As the months go by, we can train your team on how to edit the website yourselves so that you can always update and make changes whenever you need them. Changes like adding new blog posts, adding new pages, adding photos or updating your packages and much more.


WordPress Website Design


If you run a multinational company with lots of locations, multiple languages and lots of advanced integrations, we may suggest going for a custom-built WordPress website. Although WordPress websites do cost more on average and take longer to set up, this gives you the peace of mind that we have virtually unlimited customization capabilities as your business changes and adapts. 


A large portion of websites are powered by WordPress and all the major apps and software are designed to work seamlessly with this platform. We don’t usually recommend WordPress to small businesses simply because the existing cloud-based web design platforms have more than enough features to help you run and operate your business. Also, it's more user-friendly for business owners who are non-technical. 


The average business owner won’t be able to edit and make changes to their WordPress website, which is why we typically recommend cloud-based web design platforms. If you are stuck and don’t know which web design platform is going to be the best fit for your business, you can reach out to our web design agency in Toronto for a professional opinion.


Language Considerations


If you do business with customers in multiple languages, it might be worth the investment to have your website multilingual. A lot of websites built today are translated to accommodate the large population of Chinese people that live in the Greater Toronto Area. Most luxury-based companies will have their websites translated simply because they sell a lot of products and services to affluent Chinese customers. 


Most businesses that are located in Europe or do business in the European market will often times have their website translated to multiple languages, for example, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and many more. This is something you might want to consider if you run an eCommerce business and want to sell to multiple countries in Europe. This could represent an additional revenue market that your business could tap into.


Should You Hire A Designer Or Do It Yourself?


It’s entirely possible to learn how to build your own website as a new business owner. It’s also possible for you to be your own real estate agent, accountant and marketer. But you have to consider how much your time is worth and the amount of time and trial & error you would have to go through if you were to do everything yourself as a business owner. Hiring the right web design agency in Toronto to help you with your business could save you valuable time, energy and financial resources so that you can focus your time on actually growing your business and serving your customers. 


If you decide to do everything yourself, you are most likely going to work around the clock trying to piece everything together. If you truly want to do your website and marketing yourself as a business owner, or want to have everything done in-house. You can hire our web design agency in Toronto to consult you and your team on how to take the correct actions. Having a strategic approach to your business will help you grow and scale your business faster, without wasting unnecessary time and money trying to figure things out.


As a web design agency in Toronto, we have built lots of websites and know exactly what styles work best with certain industries, which advertising platforms work best for your specific industry. The key to winning in business is all about leverage. Think like a CEO, have the best digital marketers on your team, hire the right web design agency to build you that awesome website that’s going to help you and your team close more customers in your business


The Right Marketing for The Right Audience


Websites just by themselves are pretty much useless without the right traffic source. Believe it or not, your website on the first day of launch is not going to have millions of visitors. You will need to have some sort of digital marketing strategy to bring people to your website. Here are the top strategies we can use to bring you more websites more customers. Don’t worry, we use the same strategies in our own web design agency in Toronto, we always practise what we preach.


  Google Ads: This form of advertising allows us to pay Google to get your website to show up on the first page for whatever keyword that relates to your products and services. 


For example, let’s say you are a wedding photographer, if a potential customer goes on Google an searches for wedding photographers, we can have your website show up on the first page of Google for that specific keyword. With Google Ads, you can spend as much as you want per day. 


You can spend as low as $5/day or $1000+/day, the more you spend, the more customers you could potentially get. To come up with an appropriate budget, we want to take into consideration your overhead cost, your average revenue per customer and the projected cost per customer acquisition to figure out the right budget that will help you be profitable as a business and cover all of your expenses. 


As a business, you can’t have $50k worth of overhead and expect that if you spend $100 per month on marketing is going to magically give you insane profitability. However we have seen some of our high ticket clients spend around $500 on Google Ads and generated anywhere between $35k-$40k in revenue. 


High ticket businesses like real estate agents, wedding photographers, can get away with spending less on advertising simply because their average customer revenue is worth 10s of thousands, while a barber might have to spend a lot more money on ads, simply because each customer spends $30 per hair cut once a month. During our consultation, we can sit down together and come up with accurate calculations to figure out what we should have as an appropriate budget for your business.


  Search Engine Optimization: This is similar to Google ads except you don’t pay to show up on the first page of Google. SEO is about having Google place your website on the first page of Google by earning it. This process takes anywhere between 6-months to 1-year and involves developing lots of content and getting lots of press from high authority websites in your niche. 


This is a very time-consuming process and is not suitable for new businesses, because you need customers right away, you can’t afford to wait until your website ranks number #1 to start getting clients. As a web design agency in Toronto, we always do Google Ads first for our clients, once we have steady customers and sales, we then start working on SEO so that our client have the ability to rank two times on the first page of Google.


  Social Media Ads: More specifically Facebook & Instagram ads, this form of advertising allows us to target a very accurate type of customer that is going to be the best fit for your product or service. For example, we can target customers by city/country, language, gender, relationship status, interests, educational background, career, age-range and much more. 


Google Ads are perfect for almost every single type of business, social media ads are a great addition to your current advertising strategies as they help you reach visitors before they start searching for your products and services online. It’s hard to say which is going to bring you the highest ROI unless we already work with clients in those niches but it is worth testing out. 


The benefit of doing social media ads is that the cost of advertising is relatively low but, in the future, the costs are expected to rise. As a business owner its best to start advertising online as quickly as possible, so that you have the chance to dominate the platform before it gets too saturated. Once it gets too saturated, the costs of advertising on those platforms start to rise and only the companies that have been using the platform for the longest, will know which avenues are most profitable. 


For new businesses, it might take a lot more cash to test ads, audiences and creatives until we figure out which combination works best for your niche. It’s always best to reach out to our web design agency in Toronto us for clarification before you make a decision on which platform to spend your advertising dollars on.



The Importance Of Content Development


Content is so important these days especially for SEO purposes, because the text/video content on your website allows Google to read and understand what your website is about. Google can then make an accurate assumption as to which keywords your website should rank for and what types of people are best suited to see your website. 


From an SEO perspective, it's good to write long-form content about each keyword you want your business to rank for. Some of our client websites we actually rank multiple times on the first page of Google simply because we write a lot of content for the website. Make an effort to invest in text/video content for your website so that your future customers can learn more about you in detail while they are on your website. 


Consider having content that educates your customers on which of your products or services are the best fit for their needs. Your number #1 competitor in your city that makes millions in revenue, will most likely be the one that spent the most time creating great content for their website. That is why they have a competitive advantage and Google gives hem the top ranking spot in their respective niche.


How To Get Amazing Photography For Your Website?


Having amazing photos can really help your website look legit, we don’t recommend using photos that you took with your smartphone since the quality of the images is not going to be the best, especially for your website. If you are a product-based business, reach out to your manufacturers and suppliers for photos, if you don’t have any other sources of photography and you don’t have the budget to have a photoshoot. 


You can use royalty-free stock photography for your business. We will include a list of free photography websites that can give you some great variety of images, we will also include the links of paid stock photography websites where you can buy some professionally taken images for your business. Don’t worry, your customers won’t be able to tell if you use stock photography, almost every single website uses stock images including our own. To save money, you can buy a package and purchase images in bulk, this will help you reduce your cost per image down to $0.20-$0.50 cents each.


What Type of Agency Should You Hire?


As a business owner, you need a top-notch web design agency and a digital marketing agency, luckily, we offer both services to business owners, since both services work hand in hand with each other. You can have an amazing looking website but if you don’t have the right marketing strategy to bring customers to your website, the website itself is useless. On the flip side, you can have the best marketing in the world, but if your website looks terrible, those visitors are not going to convert into paying customers. 

For these reasons alone, we recommend you to hire a full-service web design agency in Toronto that can handle everything for your growing business needs. Working with one company to handle everything for you can simplify the communication process, produce more synergistic ideas and minimize conflict between teams. 



Get Things Done Right the First Time


A lot of first-time entrepreneurs ¬hire the cheapest web designer in Toronto they can find, in hopes of saving money. We fully understand this and we know that you want to stretch your dollars as much as possible. However, your website is going to be one of the most important assets in your business and you need to take it seriously. If you Google your product or service online and study your top competitors’ websites, do you think they cheap out on their web presence or did they make a serious investment to make sure their website stood out among their competitors? 


Do you think it’s going to be easy to compete with the giants in your industry with a cheap-looking website? These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself before you go about hiring a web design agency in Toronto. We're not saying that you need to spend a million dollars on your website but we would advise you to stay away from a web design agency in Toronto, that sells cheap websites for the sake of keeping your investment low. Think of it this way, every single customer is going to see your website before they make a purchasing decision. How your website looks will influence their decision on if they should spend their money in your business or with your competitors’ business. 


Remember your competition is only a click away, you don’t want to give customers any reasons to click the back button. You want them to stay on your website and continue browsing your website until they are ready to make a purchasing decision. 


Having a great looking website also helps to get more usage out of your marketing efforts. We actually turn down a lot of clients that have terrible looking websites and want to hire us for marketing, because we know that any amount of money we spend on Google or Facebook ads is not going to generate results, simply because the website looks outdated. We always advise clients to either work with their existing web design agency in Toronto to build something better or to hire our agency to build a new website for them. 


If you are ready to take the next step towards growing and scaling your business, book a consultation with us. We look forward to working with you in the future. 


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