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When it comes to growing and scaling your business in this new digital world, it’s important to have a stunningly beautiful website that serves as your own digital storefront to help you sell your products and services. 


At the end of the day you need to make money as a business owner, your website is literally going to be the number 1 investment that is going to help you make more revenue. The second most important thing is the right marketing strategy to bring qualified customers to your website who are actively interested in your products and services. 


Your future ideal customers are literally going on Google and searching for products and services every single day and your competitors are showing up on the first page of Google. Imagine how much money you are leaving money on the table just by not being present on Google. However, be warned, even having the number 1 spot on Google is not enough, you will need a great looking website to turn those website visitors into phone calls, emails or online sales. Let us help you supercharge your online presence and help you grow and scale your business. 


How Long Does It Take to Get A Website Launched?


Our Toronto web designers can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks to finish your website. All depending on the size of the project and the level of labour involved. You don’t want to leave your website last minute and pressure web designers to finish it all in 1 day, since design work does take a reasonable amount of time. We create customized websites for each individual business, so it’s important to do great work and not rush the process so that your website looks amazing when it comes time for launch. 


What Is the Average Cost of a Website?


A premium website will cost approx $2k-4k+ depending on the deliverables, size, technology and the advanced integrations. Larger enterprise-level websites will cost anywhere between 5k-20k depending on the level of work required and the number of customizations. 


Should You Meet with Us in Person?


As Toronto web designers we always love meeting new business owners in person whenever possible however if time is an issue, we always provide the option of booking 1-on-1 video conferences with our web designers. 


Who Does the Content for Your Website?


We have a dedicated content team that handles all content production for our clients. We can write well-researched content on any subject and any length. We can even post regular content on your blogs if you decide to go for that package as well. 


What’s the Difference Between A Cheap Website VS Premium Website?


Cheap websites generally range from $50 or $100 whatever the case may be and you can find lots of services out there that are going to give you pre-made websites for that amount which is copy and pasted for several other businesses in your niche. 


Now you need to ask yourself, is it possible to grow and scale your brand with a $50 website? Or do you think you need something custom-tailored to your business and a marketing strategy to help you reach your 6-figure or 7-figure + goal. 


The good news is that you can get a custom-designed premium website for your new business at $2k- $2500+ that is going to help you make your business stand out from all your other competitors and make a better first impression on your future ideal customers. 


Do You Provide Training On How To Edit The Website?


As Toronto web designers, we can provide training to your internal staff on how to manage and edit the website once it is launched. However, for most businesses, there aren’t any major changes that need to be done after the website is launched. The most common updates are simply adding more photos to your website. But regardless of what your goal is, we can train on 1-on-1 or provide video training step by step on how you can edit your without.


Will My Website Look Amazing on All Devices?


Yes, your website will adjust to each individual screen size regardless if its mobile, desktop or tablet. The website dimensions will adjust to match the screen size. 


How Do You Handle Website Hosting?


You are free to choose your own hosting or use our suggested hosting companies, Our Toronto web design team prefers Amazon Web Servers but again you are free to choose your own web hosting. Regardless of which service you choose the performance is all relatively the same and the prices are all relatively the same as well.


Do You Build E-Commerce Websites?


Yes, we can build e-commerce websites and handle all the marketing as well to get you consistent sales for your online store.


Do You Provide Marketing/Advertising Services?


Absolutely, as Toronto web designers it's important for us to have a solid understanding of online marketing so that we can make our websites get better results for our clients. Websites are useless without the proper marketing and advertising strategy behind it to get you those perfect customers who are going to pay you for your products and services. We provide things like Google advertising, SEO, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, YouTube & much more. Simply let us know what product or service you are trying to promote and we can suggest the best platform that works best for your specific industry.


Who Provides Images for My Website?


Our Toronto web design team can source professional royalty-free images for your website that at no additional cost to you or you can simply provide us with your own high-resolution images and we can use what you give us or perhaps a combination of both. It’s completely up to you. 


Strategic Consulting 1-On-1 With Our Agency


As our client, you get 1-on-1 consulting with our digital marketers who go over your goals every single month and create a plan on how we can help you get to your goals. Our digital marketers know everything that your competitors are doing online and will help you make strategic decisions that will help you generate more customers and bring you more business results from your monthly investment. Think of your digital marketer as your own personal trainer for your business that you meet with every month. 


The Right Website for The Right Audience


When our Toronto web designers create a website, we have to think with the end in mind, who is the intended audience for this website? Are we designing it for B2B, B2C, men, women? Generation X, Millennials etc. We want to build a website that your future ideal customers will love, and position you as an authority in your respective industry. 


What Kind Of Marketing Does Your Site Need?


You need to have a strategy that is always bringing you, quality customers, to your business that is actively shopping for your products and services, you basically need a funnel. So let’s think of the average customer that is shopping right now, what are they going to do, they are probably going to go on Google and search for the product or service that they need right now, once they hit enter, they are going to see all the top websites on the first page of Google, if your website is not among the top, then you are missing out on customers that could otherwise be yours. 


Next is we do Facebook or Instagram ads where we target the right audience of people that are most likely going to be interested in your products or services, we run engagement campaigns to get them to know your brand first and once they are properly warmed up, then we run lead gen campaigns or sales campaigns to get them to convert. Consult with our digital marketing team and we will recommend the right platform for your specific business.


Are Websites Really Expensive?


Any time you spend money on your business it’s important to consider the return on investment that you are going to be making for your business so let's say you spend $2k-$2500 on your website, and you spend money on your Google ads, now your business generates 10k or 30k per month in revenue, does the initial $2500 you spent on your website look like a good investment? But if you spend $100 on your website can you really expect your business to produce 10k+ per month in revenue? Think of the type of return on investment whenever you are thinking about spending money for your business.


Can Your Website Really Make You Money?


A lot of our clients that get their website done by our Toronto web design team, also hire us to handle their online marketing  campaigns. This helps them generate a lot of revenue from their websites and have a steady stream of customers coming into their business. Meaning that they get lots of leads and calls from their website and they turn those leads into 10k or even 40k per month in revenue depending on their closing rate and their marketing budget. Generally, the more you spend on your digital marketing, the more money you can make. 


Google Suggested Best Practices


According to Google, it’s important to have a website that loads super fast, secure, with lots of content, reviews and videos as these are all taken into consideration when Google assigns a ranking for your specific website. You should have content added to your website on a monthly basis so that your rankings on Google are always going up rather than being stuck on page 50 of Google. It really depends on how ambitious you are with your business. Our Toronto web designers can also help implement various SEO strategies to help your website rank higher on Google.


Video Marketing For Your Website


Our Toronto web design team highly recommends having videos of your products or services on your website and even going as far as having the owners involved in the video as well because the people that come to your website for the first time, care about the actual people that run the business. 


Be a part of your marketing and get people to learn more about you and your brand by leveraging video. On average video has much higher retention and is statistically shown to boost conversion rates on websites. If you are in need to video production, we have lots of industry friends who specifically specialize in working with businesses and producing quality videos that help your business boost sales. 


Template Based Or Custom Coded


For small business owners that are family-run we recommend getting a template-based website that is customized to your business and for our enterprise-level clients that want custom development and lots of integrations, to choose a custom coded website so that we have 100% customization ability later on in the future. As the business expands and needs new features and integrations, our web development team can quickly modify your website as needed in the future.


Your 24/7 Sales Machine AKA Your Website


Your website is quite literally your own personal sales machine, if set up correctly with the right marketing strategy, you can see fresh new leads in your inbox of clients that are ready to book a meeting with you. Choose a reputable web design company in Toronto to build you a top-notch website that is going to help you close 80% or more of your business.


Not All Toronto Web Designers Are Created Equal


Apart from having a good-looking website, it’s important to have a digital marketing strategy in place to actually have your website get found by your future ideal customers, this could mean the use of Google ads, SEO or even Facebook or Instagram ads. You need to hire a Toronto website designer that actually knows how to do digital marketing as well. Because websites are in fact useless without the marketing strategy to help you get more customers to scale your business. 


Monthly Website Optimizations


When we run online marketing campaigns either on Google or Facebook & Instagram, we are constantly testing out which pages on your website bring in the most conversions. We are always running tests to see which landing pages perform best for your campaigns and keep this data in mind when we look at how we can improve other pages on your website to boost the overall conversion rate of the site as a whole. 


Are Websites Really Expensive?


It really depends how you look at it, at first all of our clients said to us that spending money on their website and marketing is a lot on their wallet, but after the first month once they started to get a taste of what the return on investment was for their money, they realized the true value of the investment and this is why we keep customers for many many years inside of our agency.

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