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Top 8 YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs

Dan Lok

One of my favourite channels on YouTube at the moment is run by Dan Lok. His youtube channel is filled with hundreds of amazing videos that will give you a deeper insight about how to sell your services mainly targeted to affluent customers, aka wealthy clientele. Dan hosts several seminars in the Vancouver area and records them for his Youtube channel for everyone to learn from. Even though his content is free, it is actually really good, and the quality of his videos is top-notch. One of the main products that he sells on his website is his own personal sales training course which he himself teaches you how to position your brand and sell to high-end clientele. The reviews online are amazing with thousands of testimonials; its definitely worth investing into. Instead of wasting time watching cat videos, set some time and dive deep into his live seminars that are free to watch on his Youtube channel, you won’t be disappointed with his content.

Grant Cardone

For those of you that don’t already know the famous GrantCardone, he’s a well-known sales trainer and is well known for his “Cardone University” which is an online sales training course you can take or have your sales staff get trained in. Inside his course, he teaches the basics of selling along with high-levelsales tactics that can help you get to the “close.” Both Grant Cardone and Dan Lok are considered to be the top sales trainers in the world in my personal opinion, and it's well worth watching both of their content and learning from two of the industries best. Grant also has a YouTube channel where he teaches free sales tactics and strategies that you can watch for free. In my opinion, learn from as many sources as you can. Similar to martial arts, it's great to know a wide variety of martial arts instead of only studying one perspective.


This is another one of my favourite channels on Youtube run by the entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David. On his world-famous Youtube channel, he interviews some of the biggest entrepreneurs and influencers in the world. He also has a lot of motivational and inspirational videos that will keep you motivated on your business journey. Make sure you add his channel on your “to watch list” as well.

Ted Talks

This is another amazing channel you should check out, Ted Talksif you don’t already know is an event where people from all walks of life can come in and share their knowledge with a global audience. Ted Talks have an app that allows you to find content by category, for example, you can check out the business section and find inspirational and informative talks that can definitely add value to your entrepreneurial journey.

Tai Lopez

The man that popularized personality branding has gained a massive following on social media from his famous YouTube video that went viral, where he told his story of how he went from living in a mobile home to having a Lamborghini and building several6-figure businesses while still being a young entrepreneur. His YouTube channel is filled with amazing business-related content along with living interviews with some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs.

Alpha M

This recommendation is mainly geared towards male entrepreneurs who want to do some personal development. Alpha M is all about men grooming, styling and relationship advice all taught by your host Aaron Marino. This is an amazing channel for men to follow and is filled with great practical information that you can use in your everyday life.

The Futur

I came across this channel recently and started binge-watching their content on a regular basis, the owner of the channel is Chris Do, and he has amazing video content that teaches you about great design, and the ins and outs of running a creative agency. His advice from his many years of experience is worth gold to those who are just getting started in their creative, entrepreneurial journey.


Being successful in business and training your mind is important, but you also need to be physically fit. When it comes to working out, no one does it better than Greg O’gallagher. You can watch hundreds of videos on his channel that show you how to work out and how to eat so that you get maximum results in the gym. If you watch interviews of famous entrepreneurs, almost all of them credit their high productivity rate as a result of their workout routine.

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