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Top 10 Reasons Google Ads Didn't Work For Your Business

If you run a small business and you spent a bunch of money with Google Ads and you still couldn't make a profit, well then this video is for you. I'm going to go over the top most common errors and obstacles that prevented you from making a positive ROI on your investment, so let's get right into the video.

Reason #1 is- Your Website Probably Looks Terrible, this might come as a shock to you but you actually have to have a good looking website, at some point my own personal website looked terrible and it was because I was just to lazy to put in the time to actually build something I could be proud of, if you want to know what I mean, think of the product or service that you sell, go and search for it on Google and see which of your competitors show up on the first page of Google, either through SEO or from Google Ads. I want you to open atleast 10-20 different website and compare each one of them side by side. You'll notice that maybe 1 or 2 of those company websites actually look impressive. Just ask yourself this question, if the product or service cost was the exact same, which of these websites would you actually be more drawn to. I think your instincts will give you that answer. So in conclusion, put in some effort to make your website look good, it will help you get more out of your online advertising. If you need web design help, feel free to reach out to us.

Reason #2 is- Wrong Keyword Targeting, so when I first got started with Google ads back when I was in high school, I made the mistake of using broad match targeting keywords, broad match is going to waste your money there is no tomorrow, the only time you wanna use this keyword match type is for research purposes only, that’s it, the rest of the time you want to use broad match modifier or phrase match or my personal favourite, exact match. Some might work better than others so it's important to test and look at the data before making a decision.

Reason #3 is- Not Using The Right Landing Page - This one is hugely important because when a customer searches for a specific product or service, if they click on your Google ad, they are expecting to see a page that specifically relates to the exact thing that they searched for, if you send them straight to your landing page, don't be surprised if your cost per acquisition super high. Take the time to carefully craft the perfect landing page that is highly relevant to the specific keywords that your are targeting, also you might want to have multiple versions of your landing page and split test them to see which one performs better.

Reason #4 is- Not Spending Enough Money - Now if you just got started with Google ads and you are doing it all on your own, you're not really going to have the same level of reference experience as someone has managed ad campaigns for a variety of different businesses and industries, so you will have a bit of a learning curve, especially in your first month of advertising, chances are you might not see the best return on investment, think of it this way, do you see major progress in your first month at the gym? Think of your first month of advertising as research, you are going to need to spend some cash and test out a bunch of landing pages, a bunch of keywords and locations and see what combination works best for your specific business. Once you figure out all the variables, you will essentially be creating your own personal cash machine, there is no better feeling on the planet than waking up in the morning and seeing online sales on your ecommerce store or fresh new set of leads for your service based business, this is all possible if you figure out the right marketing strategy for your business, your top competitor has figured it out already, now its just a matter of you wanting the same level of success as well.

Reason #5 is- Not Having Enough Margins - If you are just getting into the advertising game right now, its going to be a bit of an uphill battle because advertising is not really cheap, ideally to make it successful, you want to be in a business that has a lot of room for margin because it costs money to acquire customers for your business. If you are selling a $50 product and your cost is $25, you have to generate sales that cost you less than $25 for you to make a profit, in this specific scenario the best thing you can do is have multiple complimentary products and upsells so that you can generate more revenue per customer, than you can reach profitability much easier, I'm not saying its impossible, but it Definity makes things more difficult. One thing to keep in mind is what is the lifetime value of that customer and strategize your marketing accordingly.

Reason #6 is- Using Google AdWords Express - This was created to help business owners setup there ads in a matter of minutes, the problem is that this specific platform doesn't have the same level of in-depth targeting features as the actual Google AdWords platform that all advertisers use, you can simply Google and create an account but don't ever use AdWords Express.

Reasons #7 is - Having a hard to pronounce business name - I know this sounds super random but its actually pretty legit, think of a time you were shopping around for something to order online, you went through a bunch of websites and after a few minutes of browsing, you closed your laptop and went to do something else with your day. After a few days past, you went back to Google and you simply searched for the website you remembered, having an easily spell able and memorable name will make it easier for your to not lose future sales, before registering your domain name, ask yourself if its easily spell able and if anyone on the internet is using a similar version of your name, this could lead to a loss of business for you in the future so make sure you actually take the time to come up with the right domain name for your business.

Reason #8 is - You Gave Up Too Soon - Now I know you are eager to generate revenue for your business, just because you had a bad week or bad month it doesn't mean Google Ads doesn't work, regardless of what business you are in, there is always going to be that one competitor that is making money selling the exact same product or service as you and they are hugely profitable, you simply need to figure out the right way of advertising in order to reach the same level of success as your number one competitor.

Reason #9 is - Ad Copy Writing - One of the biggest factors that will influence the success of your ad campaign is the actual Google text ad that shows up or the specific creative you decide to use, depending on where you choose to advertise on the Google Network. Generally speaking the higher your click through rate is for your ad, the higher your quality score will go up, if you have a high quality score, Google will reward you with more traffic, more exposure and more

Reason #10 is - Adverting in The Wrong Area - Now before you actually start running Google ads, take a look at the Google keywords planner tool , search for your products and services and see which cities, regions, countries have the highest demand for your product or service, if you are a local business, consider targeting the most popular cities in your specific region that have higher than average demand. The last thing you want is to run Google ads and have zero clicks, so make sure you are actually targeting areas that actually want your product or service.

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