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Take Your Cold Calling To The Next Level With This Trick

No one likes cold calling an endless amount of people in the hopes of closing a deal; I think we can all agree on that. However, it is quite possible to build a great business by only cold calling as your primary lead gen strategy. This works if you are in the B2B space and have thick skin. However,the conversion rate is not going to be all that great without you putting in some serious volume on the phones.

I recently learned one new technique that is kind of like cold calling, but at a higher level, I learned this from Jeremy Haynes who is a famous digital marketer in the U.S.The strategy is called “cold video pitches.”This concept is fairly new, and with the current technology that available for us, it’s now cheaper and faster to do this kind of lead generation strategy.

Here’s how it works, let’s say for example that you sell wholesale food supplies to restaurants or catering companies. Instead of cold calling them (which can work) you can start making video pitches. Using software that fairly affordable to use like Camtasia or Loom, you can make a quick video recording of yourself on your laptop introducing yourself, addressing the business owner by name and talking about your products and how it can benefit your new prospect in video format. I bet you this one strategy alone will set you apart from all your other competitors that are cold calling and getting ignored on the phones. You can get “face to face” with your new prospect by simply recording a quick video introduction of yourself and your offerings in video format and emailing it to your new prospect. Trust me they will be shocked at the effort that you put in, and as a result, they will give you the time of day to hear about your company because you put in real effort to introduce yourself.

The key with cold video pitches is to offer value upfront. How you do that will depend on your level of creativity and experience. These things can vary from industry to industry. Just to give you an example of one way we add value inside our own cold video pitches that we send out to businesses, we talk about marketing strategies that we’ve done before. We show them some of the results we have delivered for previous clients. We may even audit their entire online presence and give them our non-biased feedback on some areas where they can improve.

Give yourself a few minutes to brainstorm some strategies on how you can do something similar in whatever industry you are in. When it comes to B2B sales, you have to understand that businesses are getting pitched constantly. The more you can do to set yourself apart, the better positioned you will be to close deals and serve more customers. Also, remember that you are dealing with a person, treat them as such. Be real, be genuine, be human in your video pitches. Don’t be a mumbling robot. Speak to them as if you were talking to them face to face. Make your video pitches in a way that makes them feel like you are having the meeting at that very moment. Most importantly, make the value proposition crystal clear, they should be able to figure out what you are offering and how it will add value to their business.

Give this idea a try for your business. Let us know in the comment section how it has helped you close more deals.

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