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[SEO] The Dangers of Duplicate Content On Your Website

As a new business owner you probably heard by now that your website will need new content, so what do most new business owners do? They go and they copy and paste some content from another website on their own website and they think they are done. To this day when I'm building a website for a client when it comes time to send me content to add to their website, clients will usually say, here is some content I found that I want on my website. I have to then kindly explain to them that we can't use any of it.

If you take a piece of content from another website on the internet and post it on your website you will have zero benefits from Google, meaning that Google will automatically realize that your website is using the same content it found on another website and you won't be getting any ranking benefit for your website. Doing this multiple times can hurt your reputation with Google so it's best not to do it at all.

You might also be considering building multiple landing pages on your website and repurposing your own unique content on multiple pages on your website. If the text is only a couple of sentences I don't see the harm in doing that, Google might update their algorithm in the future so it's best to keep an eye on that, but if you are thinking of repurposing long-form pieces of content on multiple pages of your website, me personally I would recommend re-writing them and making it unique rather than just copy and paste it across multiple pages on your website. It's good to do this just so you never have to worry about any algorithm updates in the future affecting hundreds of pages on your website. Just keep your content on your website unique and you will never have to worry about running into any sort of issues in the future.

When it comes to writing content on your website for SEO purposes, one of the most important things you need to make sure is that you are writing unique content that does not exist anywhere else on the internet if you copy and paste another piece of content and put it on your website or blog, it will not help you rank at all and Google will ignore you, so don't waste your time trying to do that, you will not outsmart or trick a multibillion-dollar ai robot that is Google and get away with it. Now, you can read other blogs and articles on the internet, learn from them and rewrite a new piece of content in your own words, that is completely fine, that counts as unique content.

Next thing you want to do is to make sure you go and proofread your piece of content and correct any grammatical errors that you made and make sure there is not spelling errors on your blog post. I highly doubt Google is going to rank a piece of content on the internet that is full of grammatical errors so just download a simple chrome extension called Grammarly, it totally free and just make sure you have all those little errors taken care of. The next thing you might want to try doing is re-create that same piece of content in video format and have it added to that page. Google keeps an eye on how long people spend on your website and if your website pages have a good user experience, it will be seen as of higher importance in the eyes of Google.

Also, a lot of people don't want to read long forms of content, The content mainly helps Google for ranking purposes, having the same content in a video format not only helps you get your msg across to your website visitors but can also help improve sales, bookings and calls to your business. This will also help your website stand out when your future customers compare your website to your competitor's websites. Thank you so much for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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