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How To Write A Blog Post That Ranks #1 On Google | Step By By Step Guide [2022]

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Hello Everyone in today's video I'm going to talk about how to write a blog post that will help you bring more traffic to your website, so let's get right into the video. The first thing you wanna do to get started on your blog post is to come up with a title that's going to get people to click, to read more. You want to think of something that's going to make them want to read your blog post rather than another blog post from another website, ask yourself this question, what does your audience want from this blog post that is so important to them that they are willing to spend their own time to read your blog. Figure out how to communicate that you have what they are looking for in your title. The purpose of your title is to sell them on the idea of opening and reading the first few sentences of your blog post.

After that the first few sentences of your blog post are meant to sell them on reading the rest of your blog post, so keep that in mind when you start working on your very first blog post. Typically most titles start with the same format, how to do xyz, top 10 tips to xyz, the number one secret to accomplishing xyz you get the idea, simply Google, best title ideas for a blog post to get the ball rolling. Create multiple variations of your blog post title and then after you finish your blog post and proofread it, you will get an idea of which one fits your blog post the most.

The next most important tip is to write a proper introduction with a good statement that's going to hook them into reading the rest of the article, the same format applies in video format. In your intro paragraph give the audience a preview of what it is that you are going to talk about in point form so that they know what they are going to get out of that blog post if they continue reading. The next most important part of your blog post is the body paragraph, make good use of sub headings so its easy for the audience to scan the article from top to bottom so that it's easy for them to find that specific piece of info they are looking for.

Keep your paragraphs no more than 5-6 lines for each sub heading. When it comes to writing a blog post, don't be shy, and start linking to other credible blogs, articles, websites or sources that are going to bring additional value to your audience, doing this creates more credibility for your article and let's the audience know that you did proper research before writing a bunch of words in your article just for the sake of writing a blog post. The next most important part of your blog post is your conclusion. Basically your conclusion is meant to summarize in a few sentences what you talked about in your blog post and you can also go a step further and ask some sort of question at the end to give your audience a reason to add their comment in the comment section of your blog post. You can also come up with a call to action on what you want your audience to do. Do you want them to read other articles on your website, or do you want them reach out to you to get a quote or a consultation or to follow you on social media, how you do this will depend entirely on your business goals but its up to you on how creative you want to go with this.

Now the next part is probably one of the most important and that is, how to make your content SEO friendly. For starters thing of a creative way you can incorporate the keyword you want to rank for in the title of your blog post, you want your header to include your target keyword so that Google has an idea of what the page is going to be about. Remember one page of content can have multiple headers but you want the most important one to be right at the top of the page. Think of all the questions someone can ask about the topic you are writing your blog post about and use them creatively as subheadings in your blog post, often times Google will pull up specific parts of your blog post and show a snippet of it on the Google search results page. I talked about this earlier but make sure you highlight and underline certain keywords in your article and link to outside sources that are trusted and credible that relate to your topic. If it adds value to the audience, feel free to link to it. If you cant think of any website to link out to then simply link to a Wikipedia page just to get started. If your content talks about a specific city, link to a government website that is specifically designated for that city. Another great idea is to do something called internal links, simply look at pages of your website that can be useful as a resource for example an old article and link to it from your new article. For example if someone is reading a blog post on my website that talks about Google Advertising, I might want to link to another article that talks about social media advertising since it’s a relevant topic to that specific reader.

This lets your audience read more additional content on your website and let's them know about another additional service that they might need in the future. Make sure the link is within the body section and make it visible. To make your blog post more effective for SEO purposes, try to focus your content on 1 keyword or 1 specific keyword group, you want to be as relevant as possible to the search term someone might Google online. Next important tip you want to be mindful of is adding images to your blog post, now don't just use random names for your images when you upload them, but try to use your target keywords in a creative manner so you also rank on Google images, for specific businesses you can get a lot of meaningful traffic by simply ranking on Google images, this may work for some businesses and some might not find this useful, but do it anyway because the more information you give to Google about your page, the better it is for you. When naming your image turn spaces into hyphens, use all lowercase.

Next thing you want to do is to add social media buttons on your blog post so that when people read it, they can easily share it on their favorite platform. If it's a business related topic chances are its going to be shared on LinkedIn and if it is something creative and unique, probably Pinterest. That was pretty much it thank you so much for watching this video if you area business owner and you need help building a website, visit my website to get a free quote. Other than that be sure to checkout my other posts for more helpful tutorials and I will see you in the next video.

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