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How To Market To Chinese Clientele

When it comes to selling luxury products and services, you’ll find that in Canada, especially in the Greater Toronto Area the largest group of affluent customers are people from the Chinese community. A lot of Chinese families that run successful companies back home have come to Canada and are now a growing part of the community here in Toronto.

This gives business owners an entirely new audience of people to promote their products and services to. You want to think ahead and ask yourself how can I reach more Chinese clientele. The first thing you can do is hire 1 or 2 Chinese people inside your organization. Since a lot of Chinese immigrants are coming into Canada, a lot of them will appreciate the fact that you have someone in your organization that can speak to them directly in their own language. Although most Chinese people speak English very well, it's still good to have Chinese-speaking staff members in your own company.

The next best thing you can do is have you’re your website multilingual. If you have a business that sells high-end products or services, consider having your website translated so when Chinese client visits your website, they can view your website in the language that they are most comfortable with. Doing this alone will help set you apart from all the other competitors in your niche.

For one of our clients, we’ve had their website translated to accommodate the growing Chinese community here in Toronto, and as a result, 40% of our client's customer base is Chinese. They appreciate the fact that our client has their site multilingual and that makes it easier for them to find the exact products or services they are looking for.

If you are serious about reaching more Chinese clientele for your growing business, get in touch with our marketing team, and we can set you up with the right marketing strategies that will help you reach more Chinese clientele right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Are you currently working with Chinese clientele in your business? Let us know in the comment section below.

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