How To Market A Wedding Business

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Doing marketing for wedding industry clients is actually one of our specialties because it’s the first industries we have ever marketed. We have lots of family members in the wedding industry and we have helped them grow successful wedding businesses using digital marketing. In this blog post, we will talk about all the marketing strategies and some of the pros and cons of each marketing strategy. Let’s get started.


Our agency has managed Google ad campaigns for countless wedding business owners, and it’s proven to generate quality leads that show real intent in your services and products. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, florist, cake maker, regardless of which wedding service you offer, chances are thousands of brides and grooms in your local city are searching for these services in your city. Do a quick Google search. Are you showing up on the top of Google for your search terms? If not, you are literally missing out on thousands of people that could be doing business with you, but are not because you are not showing up on Google. Don’t just google your business name, if you are a wedding photographer in Brampton, type that into Google and see if your website is on the first page. The same applies for wedding venues, limos, and all other wedding services.


Launching a paid Facebook ads campaign has worked well for our wedding business clients, we create ads targeting couples who live within a 30km radius of our clients business location. We tested several ad copy messages and found that ads on Facebook convert really well if they are well targeted to the right audience. Very often we see business owners launch Facebook ads on their own and target the wrong audience. For example, if you are a local business, make sure you are actually targeting your local area. We often see wedding vendors “boost posts” and then find out that they got zero clients. “Boost posts” doesn't actually do any help for your business, since Facebook just shows the post to more random people. If you want to do proper Facebook ads, we recommend you to actually sit down and figure out who your audience is and create an ad campaign targeting that group of people specifically. Think about age groups, gender, duration of couples engagement, location, income brackets, education level, specific ethnicity and many more. The more targeted your ad campaign is, the higher chance of your ads generating the kind of leads that bring you the best value. Make sure you are testing out different photos in your ads along with different ad copy to see which variation yields the best conversions. We typically test out multiple variations of ads to the same audience in order to see which one converts more wedding leads. Believe it or not, the photos and text you select can play a big role in how well your ads convert. Some beginner entrepreneurs when they get started with their Facebook ad campaigns quit to early because they either don’t have the background or they don’t test enough to see which ad strategies perform the best. There is no such thing as Facebook doesn't work for “x” business; chances are there is a competitor out there generating lots of leads with Facebook ads.


Search on Google to find local wedding directories where you can submit your website. This method is not guaranteed to flood your inbox with leads, but you could get a few customer inquiries a year without having to spend money on marketing. Some directories have a one time fee or a small monthly fee. You can always opt in for a free account. If you do decide to get a free account or a paid account, make sure your profile is actually optimized. What we mean is, make an effort to actually add your best photos in your profile. Make an effort to write a great intro paragraph that gives users a better understanding of what your services area.


Reach out to popular wedding blogs and ask them if they would be interested in featuring you for their upcoming posts. If you have a style shoot, definitely send that over and write a great article about the blog feature.


When you go on Facebook, type in wedding vendors (your city name), try lots of possibilities and see what kind of groups pop up in your area. The more local the group is, the better. Once you get accepted to these wedding vendor groups, take the time to get to know who is in your area. Perhaps you can create an alliance of wedding vendors that refer clients to each other. Share each other posts on social media such as Facebook or Instagram to help expand reach. Let’s say you are a wedding cake baker and your friend is a florist. Share each other's post on your social media and give each other a shout out. You could all benefit and potentially get customers that come across your posts on social media.


This is by far the best marketing strategy you can implement in your wedding business. Make friends with fellow wedding industry professionals and take the time to get to know each other. If you find that they are true professionals who are committed to excellence, consider adding them to your referral circle. When you have consultations with couples, and you educate them on your services, once the meeting comes to an end


You should schedule 1 hour a week to post on social media, for some of you who are more passionate about sharing your story you can definitely do more. But try just 1 hour a week as a bare minimum. If you are a photographer, be sure to post some of your newest wedding photos on Facebook, Instagram so that your followers can see your latest work. Tag your recent couples in the posts along with all the vendors involved. This will increase engagement and allow your post to show to more people organically. If Facebook’s algorithm detects that this post is engaging, it will show it to more people and thus increasing the odds of you reaching more potential followers. The same strategy applies if you are a wedding venue, cake maker, florist or planner.


Post informative content on your own website blog. Let’s say you are a wedding cake baker or florist. Write informative blog posts about how to shop for products and services in the wedding industry. If you are a cake baker, write a blog about how to choose a wedding cake for your business, or what styles of wedding cakes are popular this year.


People often forget that YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world and if your content is engaging enough, it can show up on the Google search results page when customers type in related services on Google search. If