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Do Looks Matter in Business?

This is an interesting topic that literally no one talks about because of the controversy that it can stir. The truth is, looks matter in business, but not in the way that you might think. There are two things we will discuss when it comes to looks. The way your people look inside your organization and the way your products look.

The People In Your Organization

When it comes to the way you and your staff members “look” believe it or not it does make an impact on your business. Having great looks is not about your physical features that are genetic. Don’t focus on what you cannot change, focus on what you can improve. You don’t necessarily have to have supermodel looks to do well in business, that’s not what it's about. What’s more important is how you present yourself. You and your staff members should always make an effort to keep yourselves well-groomed. This means having a great haircut that suits your individual look and personality. You don’t necessarily have to wear suits, but if you are in a corporate environment that deals with more affluent clientele, then it certainly helps to wear suits. Don’t just buy a cheap suit and put it on. Go to boutique stores and invest in quality suits that look great for your specific body type. As a rule of thumb when it comes to your fashion, if you are not getting compliments, your fashion needs some work.

Wearing great clothes that are stylish can help you make abetter first impression when you are meeting clients for the first time. If you are selling a high-end luxury service, it will help a lot if you make an effort to look stylish. Even if you sell products or services that are targeted towards the middle-class audience, you still want to look your best when it comes to fashion. Wear casual clothes for this scenario but wear stylish casual clothes.

You can go to retailers like Zara and find really good fashion items at very affordable prices. Make the appropriate investment based on your current financial standing and it can help pay dividends for you in the long run. Wearing good clothes and looking your best not only helps you to make a great first impression on your future clients but deep down inside, it helps you to have better self-esteem for yourself and as a result, makes you feel more confident when you are engaging with your new customers.

Weight is also another important thing to keep in mind, in business you are going to be face to face with many people. No one is expecting anyone to walk around with 6pack abs and huge arms like Arnold. However, you want to have somewhat of a healthy appearance and be reasonably fit. If you are 300 pounds overweight, this will not only mess with your confidence levels and your self-esteem. Customers will look at you differently when you are massively overweight vs being in decent shape. There are no excuses these days; you can literally find a gym that’s 10 mins away from your home or workplace.

Take action and join a gym and make this investment in your health. It will pay for itself in the long run. Healthy eating is also something you should be mindful of, again no excuses when it comes to eating healthy. You know deep down inside what’s healthy and what’s not. Consider adding more fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet.

Eating well gives your body the necessary“fuel” to help you feel better, look better and keep you energized so that you can focus more energy on your business. Eating junk food is going to cause health problems which will take time away from your business. There are lots of great Youtube channels that you can watch for healthy food recipes. If you don't have the time to cook, then check out your Google maps app and look up some healthy restaurants in your area. If this is important for you then you will find a way,if not, then you will always find an excuse. The resources are in front of you, take action.

The Way Your Brand & Products Look

Pay close attention to every detail that goes into the design and feel of your brand. What do all great luxury brands have in common? They incorporate great design into everything they do. This includes having an amazing-looking website, having great graphic design, logos, packaging, stationery etc.

Your website should be in tip-top shape. Regardless of what business you are in, high end or just average clientele, you still want to have an amazing-looking website that gives people a great first impression of your brand and your offerings. People pay more for great-looking products; if they can’t afford it, they figure out a way to afford it. Think of Apple, at the end of the day they make computers and cell phones. They have tons of competitors who sell “uglier” products that essentially do the same job, but people want Apple products because they look amazing. Apple uses premium materials in all of their products, and they have the best industrial designers creating all of their products.

Now that you understand the importance of looks & design in business start incorporating some of this data into your own organization and let it work wonders for your business. Be proactive and constantly look for ways to improve yourself, your business and your products. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and feel free to share your opinion.

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