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The purpose of a marketing agency is to be the go to place for business owners and entrepreneurs to go to for help with all of their marketing efforts. You as a small business owner don’t have the time to figure out the ins and outs of marketing, because you are passionate about what you do and that’s exactly what you want to focus your energies on. Well guess what, marketing is our passion and for over 5 years we’ve helped businesses all over Toronto succeed in the digital world by implementing world class marketing techniques that generate real results and help turn small businesses into local brands.



When it comes to marketing and advertising, it helps to have a lot of experience under your belt and see what strategies work best with each type of business that you are working with. By working with a Toronto marketing agency, you essentially leverage the experience of a large team that has run campaigns and delivered real ROI. 


You as an entrepreneur have limited hours in the day and you already wear lots of hats in your business as we speak, the biggest piece of mind that you can invest in is having a marketing agency in Toronto by your side, that can take care of the day to day marketing operations so that you can know confidently that your toronto marketing agency is always getting you a steady stream of new customers so that you can focus all your energies on closing deals and expanding your business, not worrying about what you should do on your landing page to get more conversions, things like that, leave it to us. 




Majority of customers will perform a Google search to find products or services regardless if they are looking for something international or local within their own city. As you can imagine how important it is for your business to have a strong presence on Google along with having a great website that makes a lasting impression, makes you look good, and highlights your products and services in great detail so that your customers choose you rather than the competitor. 


Building websites that turn clicks into customers is what we do best using our proven and tested methods. This can include things like using the right layout, the right color scheme depending on the target audience, the right copywriting that motivates your customers to take action now vs later, split testing multiple versions of the same page and seeing which performs best with your current marketing campaigns and the list goes on. 






As your personal marketing agency in Toronto we have the ability to have your website show up on Google for literally any keyword that you want in a matter of days… yes that’s right days, depending on the size of the campaign we can have you showing up for some highly relevant keywords for your business in a matter of days and have you start getting calls and emails very quickly. This is called pay-per-click advertising also known as Google Ads. 


Anytime you perform a Google search for a product or service related keyword, Google will always have 3-4 ads at the top of the page, and you as a business owner can have your ads show up there and send all that traffic to your website. Inside our marketing agency in Toronto we work with multiple Toronto businesses and manage Google ads for them and help them reach more customers in their local market. Google ads is one of the best ways of advertising your business to people that are “actively searching” for your products or services.




You may have heard this phrase get used around from time to time by your friends or the local media, SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving your websites organic (non-paid) rankings on Google by working on increasing your site’s relevancy and authority with the use of content development and link building strategies. 


Websites that show in the organic results are the ones just below the ad section on the top of Google, and of course this is non-paid, however implementing SEO for your website requires time, energy and human resources to manage and fund this task, so it’s not necessarily free. Getting the traffic is certainly free, but in order to position yourself to be the top ranking website on Google is not free, as this requires a lot of time investment either by your or your marketing agency in Toronto. 


By now you are wondering as to which is better, Google ads or SEO, and the truth is they both are good advertising strategies. But they do have their order of importance, inside our Toronto marketing agency, we always recommend clients to do Google ads first, to test out lots and lots of keywords to see which variations bring you the best quality customers, then once you figure out which keyword brings you meaningful business, you scale with SEO. So the best scenario to be in is having your Google ads running, you showing up in the ad section and also the organic section just below the ad section. Essentially you have the ability to show up two times on the first page of Google and have more opportunity to generate quality leads and sales for your business vs just showing up once on the first page of Google.





This is another great way of marketing your business since it is less competitive and you have the opportunity to get clicks to your website by paying well below the cost of Google ads (depending on industry) vs paying a few dollars like on Google ads. At Nordello, we can proudly say that we were one of the very few agencies that tested out Facebook ads for local businesses while the platform was still at its infancy. But now it has grown into one of the most powerful advertising networks we have ever seen. 


Best of all, we can do things like cross channel marketing by using Google as and Facebook ads together, For example, let's say your customers find your website using Google ads, after they spend some time on your website and they don’t perform a “conversion action” once they leave your website, we have another opportunity to “re-market” to them in the form of Facebook or Instagram ads again, reminding them to come back to your site and complete our desired action. 


Facebook and Instagram are so advanced and have such a vast amount of great data on all the users that we as your marketing agency in Toronto have the ability to fine-tune our targeting and only show your ads to the most perfect customer for your business. For example, we can target your ads to specific genders, specific cities or regional areas, certain age groups, income targeting (US ONLY), specific industry employers, work positions and much more. 


Never before has there been a better time in history where you can start a business and be in a position of targeting the exact audience of people that are most likely to buy your products or services. As your marketing agency in Toronto, we have a huge depth of experience working with all types of businesses and implementing all of the above strategies to produce real-world results. 




Having great content is a must-have if you want to rank number 1 on Google, what you are reading right now is our piece of content that we have written to help give you a better understanding of what we do and also help us rank better in the search engines. Our team can work with you to develop great content that gets you recognized and helps you improve your search engine ranking. Business owners often don’t have the time to write content for their blogs, which is why they hire a Toronto marketing agency like ours to help them get their blogs up and running. 


Apart from developing great quality content, it’s also important to distribute the content to the right future ideal customer who are most likely to want to do business with you, we use Facebook or Instagram ads to get more inbound traffic to your website which we can later retarget with sales campaigns and lead gen campaigns. 





Did you know that on a daily basis your future ideal customers are on YouTube watching cat videos and clips of their favourite shows for hours on end, guess what you as a business owner now have the opportunity to run ads on YouTube, almost none of your competitors are running ads on YouTube which gives you an early head start, did you know that YouTube only charges you if someone watches your YouTube video, and if they skip the video within 3 seconds, you don’t get charged, seems like a fair deal to me. 


Having funny videos or engaging videos about your business can help you capture the attention of your future ideal customers and help you acquire them at a very low cost. The average cost per view on YouTube is anywhere from 0.20 cents to 0.30 cents, that’s right you get your future ideal customers to watch your commercial at the cost of just $30 cents per view, that’s insane. 


The best part is, you can spend whatever you want and run it whenever you want. Let’s say you only wanna spend $1000, you can do that unlike TV commercials that require huge budgets and commitments. If you have a business that you’re thinking about marketing on YouTube, you can meet us at our marketing agency in Toronto and we can help you start planning the right strategy of how we are going to get results on the world's second-largest search engine. Once our creative session is over, you will have a chance to meet our preferred videographers that will shoot movie studio-like quality videos for your small business and make you look like a fortune 500 business. Be one of the first businesses in your industry to take advantage of YouTube ads before all your other competitors catch on and start taking over your turf.




Often times when we take on new clients inside our marketing agency in Toronto. Clients often asks us for strategic guidance as to which of their services we should market or what new and exciting territories they should explore with their marketing efforts. For example, one of our very first clients was a local burger restaurant. 


They were looking to bring in more sales by using our marketing agency services. We advised them to consider launching a catering division in their business so that we can get them more “high ticket” clients and help them make more revenue. It’s often hard to make a profit when your product goes for $10-$15 per customer, so we focus all of their marketing dollars into running campaigns on Google to promote their new catering services and as a result, are now able to make much more revenue. 


They went from average customer value from $10-$15 to anywhere from $1000-$10,000 transactions per customer. Being your own personal marketing agency in Toronto, we are always looking to help our clients strategically improve their business processes and efficiencies, whether its using new software to manage operations or simply creating more high impact marketing campaigns to attract “high ticket” clientele, you name it, we do it. 

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