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Best SEO Company In Toronto.

What You Should Know Before Hiring An Agency To Get You Results

One of the best ways you can grow your business is by hiring a local SEO Company in Toronto to help you rank higher on the first page of Google for all of your top “Money Keywords”.


However, before you start doing any SEO work on your website or if you decide to hire a local SEO company in Toronto, you need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to get in terms of return on investment and what it’s going to cost. Any SEO agency in Toronto that you meet with, should set honest and realistic expectations of the type of results you can get with this type of marketing investment. We are going to cover everything you need to know about SEO so that you have the right knowledge before hiring the “best SEO company in Toronto” to help you grow your business. 


There are 2 ways that you can get your website to show up on the first page of Google. Option 1 is by paying to be on the first page of Google which we highly recommend. Option 2 is to actually spend time, energy and resources to earn the number 1 spot and “not pay for it”.

Here is a screenshot of the difference between SEO is and Google ads are so that you can see the difference of both.

Which is better SEO or Google Ads?


Now you are probably thinking to yourself which is better SEO or Google Ads? And the answer is they both are important and there is a way to strategically use both side by side to maximize the number of results you get for your business. Anytime we take on a new client in our agency that wants to get more results for their business, we highly recommend to start doing Google ads first before doing any SEO work. Here is why. When we do Google ads for you, you get to start generating sales and leads for your business immediately vs waiting for months and not making any sales. Regardless of what business you are in, you need to bring in consistent sales to keep your business going, Google ads is one of the best ways of getting steady business while you work on your SEO.

Test with Google Ads Then Scale With SEO


What this means when you start working with a local SEO company in Toronto, for your business, you probably won’t know which keywords are going to bring in actual quality leads for your business, so instead of waiting for 6-months or more to find out if the keyword is worth the time investment, its best to actually run Google ad campaigns, test a wide variety of keywords and find out which keywords bring in the best quality customers for your business.


Once we start seeing which keywords are generating the best results for your business, we then can start working on your SEO and scale the number of leads and sales that you are getting for your business. So now you can be in a position of showing up 2x on the first page of Google.

How Long Does It Take To Rank Number #1 On Google?


This is one of the hardest questions to answer because it really depends on the competitive nature of your business and how hard, your competitors working on their SEO every single month. To be on the safe side, its fair to assume that the top 3 links get the majority of the business, so you essentially want to be one of the top 3 links on the first page of Google. Typically we see results from 6-months to 1-year. It really depends on how much work you can afford for us to do for your every single month or the competitive nature of your business. For example, if we were to compare the amount of work we can do on a monthly basis for your business at $1500/month vs $5000/month or event $10,000/month. The package you select can dictate the speed of your results, it really depends on the competitive nature of your business. If you are a typical small business owner, then $1500/month package can be reasonable for most businesses and if you want to get results much much faster, you can always bump up your monthly investment. For enterprise level clients you would need to invest more. Get in touch with our local SEO company in Toronto to get a better estimate about your SEO goals.


As we mentioned before, we don’t recommend doing SEO first unless you do Google ads first. Best case scenario is to do both Google ads and start doing SEO alongside after the 3-4 month period.

How Much Money Can I Make With SEO For My Business?


Typically, on the first page of Google, 30% of people will click on the Google ad section at the very top of the page, the other 70% will click below the Google ad section, aka the “local 3 pack” results. Best case scenario is for you to be in both spots, but as you can see with SEO you will end up getting majority of the traffic, however 30% is still plenty, some of our clients have 6-figure businesses just doing Google ads without even touching SEO. It really depends on how much revenue you want to make for your business and your specific industry.

How Do You Know If SEO Can Work For Your Business?


It’s fair to say that anytime someone needs a product or service either they ask their family and friends for referrals, if they don’t get any, the next best thing is to just pull out your phone and start searching on Google for local businesses that are within your area. By now, its fair to say that SEO can work for any business but if you are not sure, you can reach out to us and we can do some background research to see if Google ads/SEO is the best strategy for your business or if we should do social media advertising instead. By consulting with a local SEO company in Toronto before you take on other marketing actions can help you make a better decision. Simply give us a call and we can let you know using advanced market research tools if SEO is a good fit for your specific business.

SEO Is Too Expensive


This is one of the most common objections we hear as a local SEO company in Toronto. However, its important to understand the return on investment that you get when you invest in SEO or Google ads. For example, if you spend $1500/month on Google ads or SEO and it helps you generate 6-figures or 8-figures in revenue, I think its fair to say that the return pretty much justifies the investment in SEO or Google Ads. The potential ROI will vary from business to business but regardless of what type of business you run, SEO can only bring more value to your business.


If I do Google Ads Does It Help With SEO?


Yes, it does, but not in the way that you might think, while doing Google ads does not impact your organic search engine ranking, it does however give you the knowledge of knowing which keywords are worth doing SEO for. So, if you know that out of 40 keywords only 10 of them make 80% of your revenue, which keywords are you going to prioritize first in your SEO campaign. Obviously in this case its majority rule. 

Does Social Media Help With SEO?


Yes it does, in fact Google does keep an eye on how people interact with your social media and your social media content and figure out which website is the best quality candidate to earn the top 5 spots on the first page of Google, however, your social media activity is only a part of the Google ranking algorithm, you also need good quality content on your website, authoritative press from other websites, good reviews and lots of other factors that contribute to you ranking well in the search engines.


Should I do SEO On My Own Or Hire The Best SEO Company In Toronto?


As a business owner you have to understand the value of your own time and delegate certain tasks to specialists so that you can keep doing what you do best inside your business. While SEO is certainly something that is learnable by everyone it is quite tedious and can take you hours of trial and error. Marketing your business and managing your customer acquisition strategy is a critical part of your business, so it’s best handled by professionals that are consistently getting you results. 


How Long Do I Need To Keep doing SEO?


The answer is forever, bare this in mind, just because you reach number 1 on Google does not mean it’s yours forever. You need to keep working on your SEO to maintain your position on Google since your competitors are trying to take over your position. SEO is a lot like the gym, once you start getting in great shape, you don’t just quit the gym. You need to put consistent time, energy and effort to maintain your physic or in this case, your rankings.


Which Search Engine Gets The Most Traffic?


Currently, Google has about 80% market share so it’s safe to say that all your efforts should be on Google, once you dominate Google you can easily add Bing & Yahoo as part of your marketing mix just in case these two search engines grow and get more market share in the future. However, that is highly unlikely due to how dedicated Google is towards improving their services. It’s very likely that Google will remain and hold their position in the marketplace.


Do You Need A Mobile Website To Help With SEO?


Absolutely, we live in a mobile world and that means the majority of people are on their phones more than desktop. So, it’s important to have a mobile-optimized website so that Google can give you a better ranking when your future ideal customers search for your products or services on mobile devices. Google favours mobile-optimized websites over non-optimized websites and gives them a better ranking position in the search engines.


Does My Website Really Need HTTPS Encryption? 


Yes, absolutely your websites needs to be secure, Google recently published an article claiming that it will favour “secure” websites above other websites that are not secure. So, make sure you talk to your web developer and get your site secured as this does provide an SEO ranking benefit for your website and assures your clients that you are a trustworthy business that cares about their data. Getting your website secured is very cheap and sometimes free, or it may end up costing you a couple bucks depending on who made the website.

What Is Duplicate Content?


Duplicate content is essentially any piece of content that you stole or “copy-pasted” on your website from another website, Google’s algorithms will notice all duplicate content and penalize your website so make sure you never copy and past content from other websites onto your website. Instead invest the time and effort to write good quality content yourself or just hire a local SEO company in Toronto to help you get this done for your business.


How Much Content Does My Website Need To Rank On Google?


The truth is you need consistent content forever if you want to rank well on Google and maintain your position on Google, now you don’t always have to write content, you could simply create vlogs about your products and services and add them to your YouTube channel, after all Google owns YouTube and is the second largest search engine on the planet. Google also does show YouTube content on the search results page so you could potentially have your video show up on the first page of Google. 


How Many Words Should My Blog Posts Be?


Statistically speaking, most SEO companies in Toronto, will suggest creating longer pieces of content ranging from 2000 words or more. Long-form content seems to rank the highest on Google, however, if your topic is boring and it’s hard to write a lot of content, consider writing as much as possible, after all some content is better than no content. Consider embedding video in your blog posts to help increase its value in the eyes of the search engines. Go above and beyond in terms of offering valuable knowledge in your blog posts and share it on your social media to maximize the impact.

What’s the Best Domain For SEO?


Gone are the days when you could by a domain like and rank number 1 for the keyword that’s included in your domain. This tactic use to work back in the day but now we recommend coming up with a branded domain name that is easily rememberable for your future ideal clients. The domain itself won’t technically give you any ranking benefit. It’s all about the action you take and how you add value to your domain/website to deem it worthy of the number 1 spot on Google. 


How Do I Know If SEO Is Working For My Business?


This one is easy to answer, as soon as your website gets the top 3 spots on the first page of Google, you’ll notice a higher influx of leads in your inbox, e-commerce sales or more phone calls for your business. The volume of leads and sales will vary depending on the size of your market, the number of keywords you rank for and of course the type of service you sell. For example, there might be 10’s of thousands of people searching for coffee shops in your city but only a couple thousand searching for wedding photographers, however, each lead for wedding photography is worth $3000 or more vs a customer for coffee spends $2-$15 per transaction. Regardless, being number 1 on Google will only bring more value to your business if you decide to make this kind of investment for your brand. 


How Many Keywords Should You Rank Number #1 For?

The truth is as many as possible, however, it’s important to prioritize your efforts, so let’s say you ran Google ads for 3-4 months, see which keywords generate the most results for your business and prioritize them in the appropriate order. Top converting keywords first and work your way down. 80/20 rule also applies to your SEO money keywords as well, meaning that 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your keywords. 


Get In Touch


If you are interested in growing your business and getting more customers, visit our SEO company in Toronto for a 1-on-1 strategy session. We love meeting new business owners and helping them profit and prosper with digital marketing.

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