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Your future customer is going to search on Google for a product or service, they will click on 3 websites/companies and do a side by side comparison on where they want to spend their money. 


Having an amazing looking website that you can be proud of , is going to be one of the highest ROI moves you can make as a new business owner. Your future customers, before they even talk to you or set foot in your business, are going to decide based on how good your website looks if they want to do business with you or not. 


It’s always good to position yourself to make the best first impression possible, especially when it comes to acquiring new customers for your brand new business. 


Competition is tough, your competitor is only a click away , you want to give your future customers every reason possible for them to want to do business with you instead. It’s not enough to just have a good looking website, you also need great content that educates your future customers on how your product or service can solve their problems. 



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As a small business owner who is just getting started in their entrepreneurial journey, chances are you went on Google at some point and typed in “best web design Toronto” and came across thousands of companies willing to offer you just that, but how do you know which company is the best option? 


Should you hire expensive agencies or cheap ones? Should you hire freelance web designers or a famous influencer. In this article we are going to discuss exactly what questions you should ask the best web designers in Toronto before you hire them. Believe it or not, your Toronto website is actually going to play an important role in the success of your business for many years to come. 


So it’s important that you get this done right the first time and have the best web designers in Toronto working for you.


If you are just getting started in your entrepreneurial career, you have to understand that now is the most difficult time to enter the business world, because your competition is 10x bigger than you with 10x more marketing budget than you. 


They already figured out which online marketing strategies work best and already work with the best web design Toronto agencies. Making sure there website & marketing is always in tip-top shape. 


How Much Should You Spend On Your Website


Our own personal suggestion is to find the best web design Toronto company that can build you a great looking website within the 1-2000’s range or more, depending on your industry and deliverables, this should be enough for most new small businesses. If this is too much money for you then you could try and build a website yourself. 


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There are tons of great website builders, but now you have to factor in the time you have to set aside from your schedule to figure out how to build a website, that is as good or better than your top competitors’ websites. Figure out which platform is going to be the best fit for your industry, what specific pages you need, learn how to use each platform, figure out the overall design and the list goes on.


If you are a busy entrepreneur who has a big vision it's well worth it for you to hire the best web design Toronto team and attack the market strong from the beginning. 


Hiring the best web design Toronto team to handle all of this work for you, can help grow and scale your business faster and help you reach your revenue goals quicker than if you were to sit down and spend your own time and money figuring out everything from scratch.


Web Designers VS Marketing Agencies


As you go about your research, you will come across some of the best web design Toronto companies that just offer websites, some that offer both marketing and websites. The truth is, you need both since a website by itself is useless without the right marketing to bring people to your website. 


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The business world is so competitive that when you first launch your website, you are pretty much guaranteed to not receive any traffic or clients visit your website, the reason is that there are too many competitors on Google that offer exactly what you are offering, and chances are those companies already dominate the first page of Google. 


So with that in mind, it’s wise to hire the best web design Toronto company that can also help you with online marketing. Your website is pretty much useless if it doesn’t have the right marketing strategy to bring real customers to your website. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on your website, if you don’t do online marketing, no one is going to visit your website and buy your products and services. 


On the flip side if you spend tens of thousands on your online marketing and don’t have a decent website, your customers won’t convert into leads and sales. My own personal suggestion is to get a standard website within the 2000’s range, this should be enough for most new businesses. If this is too much money for you then you could try and do it yourself. 


There are tons of great website builders, but now you have to factor in the time you have to set aside from your schedule to figure out how to build a website that is as good or better than your top competitors websites. If you are a busy entrepreneur who has a big vision it's well worth it for you to organize a team of professionals and attack the market strong by having the best team on your side. 


Website Builders VS WordPress


As you go about searching for the best web design Toronto team, Most of them will try and sell you WordPress websites because that’s the only platform they are familiar with. Nothing wrong with WordPress, however it's much more difficult for business owners to edit after the website is complete. 


In our web design agency in Toronto , we always give clients the option of choosing either a WordPress website or a website built using a cloud-based visual website editor so that in the coming months, you as a business owner can edit the website yourself, without the need to know any coding. If you are an enterprise-level business with lots of advanced complicated integrations, then it's better to build on WordPress so that we have unlimited customizations in the future. 


But for most small business owners, a simple non-coded website will be plentiful and more cost-effective. Some of our highest revenue producing clients have websites that were built using cloud-based solutions.

Bringing Traffic to Your Website 


When business owners go about hiring the best web design Toronto team, they think that by having a website and launching it online, suddenly millions of people are going to find it and they will get rich. That unfortunately isn’t the case. Let’s say for example that you are a wedding photographer in Toronto. 


Let’s say that in Toronto there are approximately 3000 wedding photographers, the ones that make 6-figures plus in revenue are going to be on the first page of Google in the top 3 spots. Guess where your website is going to show up? Chances are if it’s a brand new website with a brand new domain, you are going to end up on page 50 of Google. The only way people are going to find your website is if you do online marketing. For new websites we recommend doing Google Ads, so that we can help show your website on the first page of Google on a cost per click bases. 


Option 2 is we can do search engine optimization in order to help your website rank#1 on Google without having to pay for it. However due to the competitive nature of each industry, it may take anywhere between 6-months to 1 year in order to get your website to rank #1 on Google. For that reason we always recommend businesses to do Google Ads first, so that you can start getting clients immediately, afterwards as you have access to more and more marketing budget, we can slowly start to invest in SEO for your Toronto website. 


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Videos On Your Website


Shooting a great video commercial can help bring your website to life. Nowadays most websites are just text and images, it’s always good to go above and beyond and film a good quality video that showcases your business to future customers. Having a good quality video can help your website rank on Google search and YouTube, thus bringing you additional traffic and visitors to your business. It also allows customers to learn about your business faster, spend more time on your website, thus increasing the odds of them converting into a phone call, email or online sale.


Website Security


To this day most websites are not HTTPS-enabled, this is a problem because Google announced several months ago that having a secure website will actually be a ranking factor in their algorithms. As a result, every website you see on the first page of Google will have a green lock symbol showing that the website is secure. This is also important for your customers because now they are protected from various cyber threats and they can safely purchase from your website.


Website Load Speed


This is especially important for wedding photographers since all of their work revolves around high-resolution images. Before uploading photos to your website, make sure that your web design Toronto agency , compresses all of your images before uploading them to your website. 


By having too many uncompressed high-resolution images on your website, your future customers will experience a slower load speed and prevent your website from loading within 1-2 seconds. If your website takes longer than that to load, there is a high probability that the customer will click the back button and visit your competitor's website. 


This will hurt your rankings, your website conversion rate and also your revenue. Make sure that when you talk to the best website design Toronto company in your area, they take the time to compress your images in order to help improve your website load speed.


DIY or Hiring Professionals


As a new business owner that’s trying to find the best web design Toronto agency, you will come across a wide range of prices and different types of agencies that specialize in specific niches. Ask them during the meeting if they have any experience building websites in your specific niche, as well as marketing your specific niche. It certainly helps your chances of success if the web design agency you hire happens to know a lot about your specific industry. 


If they have never worked with any clients in your specific niche, as long as they have similar niche experience, this can be a great asset to you since they will already know what style of website performs best historically for your specific niche, along with what marketing strategies work best for your specific industry. 


The best web designer in Toronto is going to be the one that has at least some experience in your niche and can build a well-designed website that looks amazing on mobile and desktop with the right wow factor that will help impress your future customers. Take some time and interview at least 2 web designers in Toronto and see which agency you vibe with better and which company seems the most interested in helping your business. 


The best web design Toronto company is going to be the one that is passionate about their work, have some experience in your niche or a related niche so that they can help your business get started on the right foot.


Difference Between $100 Websites vs $2500+ Websites


As a business owner you can choose to build a website all on your own, but realistically speaking you’ve never built a website that was conversion optimized and search engine optimized while implementing all these actions is not impossible, it's certainly going to take you much longer than hiring a specialist, simply because you lack experience. 


Do you know what colour schemes convert best for your niche? Do you know what layout styles work best for your industry? do you know how to build funnels, landing pages, run split tests, setup conversion tracking etc? doing all these things as a new business owner could take precious time away from you actually building your business, it is doable though, just takes more time, energy and effort. Regardless of what you sell, if it’s a product or service, go ahead and Google products or services that you sell, and take a look at all your competitors on the first page of Google. 


Compare 3 websites and ask yourself which business would you rather buy from, most likely it's going to be the company with the best-looking website, reviews, content, photography etc. You want to at least match the level of style that your top competitors have so that there isn't too much of a contrast between you and your top 5 competitors. 


Going above and beyond on your website will help position you for success, it all depends on where you are at financially and how fast you want to grow your business. If majority of your revenue comes from referrals, then you may not need to invest as much in your website or marketing, but if you want to have steady customers and you want your business revenue to go past 6-7+ figures in revenue. Then you might want to get a good looking website for your new business. 


How To Name Your Website


Naming your website correctly the first time could save you a lot of money and prevent lost revenue in the coming years. The first tip is to make sure you get all the domain extensions for your website. If your business is located in Toronto, get the .ca and .com version of your domain. 


Make sure when you hire the best web design Toronto company in your area, that they take the time to set up your domains correctly, have .com as your primary domain and have them set up the .ca to redirect to your .com domain. 


If you plan on doing business in European countries via e-commerce, it might be good idea to get the appropriate domain extension for each European country as well. If not, you could always just stick to .com since it's recognized internationally. 


Hope you found this content informative and useful, If you need any help getting your website setup, visit our contact page and reach out to our team. 

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